A Workshop at Institute of Education
and Research, University of Dhaka

Research Methodology Course Jointly Organized by BIIT and Center for
Advanced Research in Social Science of Dhaka University

MoU with Islamic University of Technology, OIC

BIIT signs MoU with IIUM at Malaysia

MoU with Asian University Bangladesh

MoU with Manarat International University, Bangladesh

Research Result Presentation on Mapping the Terrain with Indiana University

2nd Phase of AEMS Project with Virginia University, USA

Visit of Sehir University, Turkey

A moment with Vice Chancellor of Islamic University of Maldives

Books of BIIT handed over to Alighar Muslim University, India

With then Chief Minister of Delhi and President of IoS, India

Saudi based Organization Arabic for All and Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought

With Asian Resource Foundation, Bangkok

A Program with Indonesia based Organization-AMAN

The American Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh
and Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought