Shah Abdul Hannan


  1. Social Laws of Islam
  2. World is in the grip of immorality how to change this
  3. Dr Qaradawi on Poverty Alleviation–From His Book Poverty; How Islam Removes It
  4. Need for truthful reporting in Media
  5. Tafsirul Quran: The Greatest Achievement of Maulana Akram Khan
  6. Blindness to Communism, Collapse of Communism
  7. Islamic Economics Philosophy and Strategy
  8. শাহ্ আব্দুল হান্নান কর্তৃক কিছু গ্রন্থ পর্যালোচনা
  9. Muslim Ummah: Contemporary Issues and Challenges
  10. আদর্শ বিস্তার ও প্রতিষ্ঠায় যে জ্ঞান ও গুণ দরকার
  11. Introducing Basics of Usul al Fiqh
  12. Islam- the Future Civilization
  13. Broad Outlines of Six Subject Course for Preparing Well qualified and Competent Persons
  14. Zakah_ Some Relevant Issues
  15. Women’s Dignity, Rights and Empowerment in Islam
  16. The Main Problem of Humanity is Forgetting Allah- The Creator
  17. Problems of the Ummah
  18. Khilafat in Islam Dimensions
  19. Goals, Objectives and Characteristics of Islamic Economy
  20. Democracy and Islam
  21. Classification of States from an Islamic Perspective
  22. Building up Strong Muslim Ummah
  23. Clarification about State Ideology and State Religion
  24. Our Main Duties
  25. BIIT AGM-2016 speech by Shah Abdul Hannan
  26. Al-Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and Life
  27. Islam and Gender- The Bangladesh Perspective
  28. Kanna Santan-er-Uttaradikar
  29. My Essays on Socio Political and Islamic Issues
  30. Usulul Fiqh: Principles of Fiqh (Bangla)
  31. Usul al fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)
  32. Inheritance of Girls in Islamic Law …
  33. Amar Kal Amar Chinta
  34. Rasuler Jibon
  35. The Necessity and Process of Imparting Knowledge of the Life of Prophet Muhammad (s)
  36. পড়া, দাওয়াত এবং ইসলামী ক্লাশ নেয়া
  37. Important Points of Work for Islamic Workers
  38. A Shortlist of Islamic Books for International Use
  39. New Generation of Kids, Young Girls/Boys Face more Challenges in their Moral Development than before
  40. Priority Activities of Muslim Organizations around the World




  1. Lecture on Daughter’s Inheritance
  2. Lecture on Gender Issue
  3. Shah Abdul Hannan on ETV (Part-1)