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BJIT Workshop on Research and Publication Held

Knowledge generation and dissemination are the main task of every knowledge-based institution is lead through publication. Publication experience of an author reflects the combination of his skills, knowledge, and experience on a particular discourse. Former Deputy Dean at Faculty of Education in the University of Malaya and the faculty of Taylor’s University Professor Dr. Moses Samuel made these remarks while addressing his speech in a workshop (Online) titled "Publishing in Academic Journals and Epistemological

BIIT International Conference on Economic Development in Islam (Webinar) Held

Economic development, a balanced and sustainable growth of material capability aiming human welfare -Prof. Dr. Abulhasan M. Sadeq Islam is the complete code of life covers all aspects of human being including social, cultural, political and economic life. Unlike other religion, it indicates the way of success not only in spiritual life rather also in worldly life. As Allah urges the believer to seek welfare in Duniyah (Worldly life) and Akhirah (Spiritual life). The economic development of a Muslim aims not merely to

BIIT-IIIT Workshop on ‘Thesis into Book’ Held

Bangladesh Institute of Islamic thought (BIIT) in collaboration with International Institute of Islamic thought (IIIT) and IIUM Press, Malaysia organized a daylong research and publication workshop via zoom on October 24 2020. Professor Dr. Roosfa Bin Hashim, the director of IIUM press, Malaysia, was the speaker of the workshop titled “Thesis into Book”. The workshop was organized as the part of "BIIT-IIIT Teaching Training Series -2" chaired by the executive director of BIIT Dr. M. Abdul Aziz. A selected number of

BIIT-IIIT Online Teaching Training Series on “Textbook Writing Workshop” Held

Bangladesh based private think tank Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT), International Think Tank International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) South Asia and IIUM Press Malaysia jointly organized a daylong Teaching Training Series on "Textbook Writing Workshop" on Saturday, November 21, 2020. Professor Dr. Roosfa Bin Hashim, the Director of IIUM Press, Malaysia was present as the facilitator at the workshop. Professor Dr. Omar Hasan Kasule Sr., the CEO of IIIT, USA and Harvard University visiting faculty