Brief of BIIT

Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT) is established by a group of renowned academicians, Islamic thinkers and policy makers of the Country in 1989 as an independent think tank. Many scholars, researchers and experts of different fields have been closely associated with this institution in doing research, translation, publications, teaching training, education and consultation with a goal of Reconstruction of Thought and Integration of Knowledge. BIIT also functions as the Bangladesh affiliate of International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), USA.

BIIT engages in research, teaching training, publications towards building a knowledge based society. The ultimate goal of institute is to serve the humanity in general and the revival of ummah in particularly. Specific objectives of this institute is to reform of thought and integration of knowledge. Reform of thought refers to the balanced growth of understanding to reconstruction of ideas, thoughts and actions. Integration of knowledge refers to the integration of Aqli & Naqli knowledge, skills and values, manners and good Akhlaq; so that the students are produced of BIIT as well-rounded graduate and the people are grown-up as an integrated personality.

Vision & Mission of BIIT

  • Reconstruction of thought among individuals in particular & society in general.
  • Integration of knowledge in the academic disciplines from elementary to higher level of education.
  • Developing the partnership & networking among major think tanks, research institutes, publishing houses and universities at home & abroad

Sister Concerns of BIIT

Academia Publishing House Ltd. (APL)

Academia Publishing House Limited (APL) is a mainstream publisher for academic textbooks, research journals and translated books of major scholars of the world.  It is also a local country distributor of the IIIT, USA, the Kube Publishing, UK, the IIBI, UK…

Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Finance (BIIF)

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Bangladesh Journal of Integrated Thoughts

Bangladesh Journal of Integrated Thoughts (BJIT) is an interdisciplinary bilingual (English and Bangla) journal which provides a forum for discussion on issues of general interest in various fields….

International Journal of Islamic Thoughts (IJIT)

The International Journal of Islamic Thoughts (IJITs) is a respected, refereed academic journal published twice a year by the Bangladesh…

BIIT Publications (BP)

BIIT Publications (BP) is to use the skills and knowledge of intelligent and talented writers, the energy of dedicated translators, and committed editors to disseminate accurate information, correct thoughts about Islam and Muslims…

University of Integrated Thought (UIT)

University of Integrated Thought (UIT) would be considered as a laboratory institute of BIIT which will be situated in a strategic area of the capital city at Dhaka….

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