University of Integrated Thought (UIT)

University of Integrated Thought (UIT) would be considered as a laboratory institute of BIIT which will be situated in a strategic area of the capital city at Dhaka. It’s a project of BIIT TRUST in co-operation with UIT FOUNDATION (proposed). Vision of UIT are to revive the intellectual 01 heritage of Ummah, to become A leading center of excellence in all branches of higher education, to produce a well-rounded graduate / global citizens. Mission of UIT are: to serve the humanity through establishing a knowledge based society, to serve the society by producing good human being, to serve the Creator through Education.

UIT Logo
UIT Logo

The idea behind integrated thought is engaging the human potential through cultivating the 86 billion neurons allotted to each human being – engaging as needed by the demands of the times and situations adrift. This type of learning is also known as Cognitive Learning – an active style of learning that focuses on helping the student learn how to maximize his/her brains potential. It makes it easier for the student to connect new information with existing ideas hence deepening memory and retention capacity. This is opposed to rote learning, i.e., memorizing notes and reproducing in examinations – something that a photocopy machine can do without the support of neurons.

The mission of UIT involves doing research into how cognitive learning takes place and integrating such learning practices into the teaching of existing curriculum subjects. This would include basic mathematics, fundamental physics, basic programming, IT skills and essential soft-skills, i.e., critical thinking, communication, personal and interpersonal skills in addition to integration of revealed & acquired knowledge and good morals/values in the academic curriculum so that student are well-rounded graduate followed by a faithful professional.